Hi there.

My name is Shao Cheng. I am a late stage Haskell addict, currently based in Beijing and working for Tweag I/O.

CS Stuff

I’m a hobbyist of programming languages: the first principles behind them, and their implementation. A major career goal of my own is to write a full-fledged compiler that contains innovation and has real commercial users.

My current comfort zone is Haskell. It is a sweet spot in the universe of typed functional programming: being an active research front, but not tied to the ivory tower, since its ecosystem is already suitable for a lot of real-world development tasks.


I’m working full-time on a Haskell-to-WebAssembly compiler named asterius. It launched in early 2018, and is already capable of compiling & running some non-trivial Haskell programs. There’s also an HIW’18 lightening talk about it.

There are also some other hobby projects which can be found on my GitHub account. All of my projects are licensed under the 3-clause BSD license.


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